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Unlock the full potential of your digital products.

Our team of experienced business developers will help you to connect with the right partners.

We connect

We connect Advertisers, Brands, and Ad-Tech Companies with Publishers, Media, and Content Creators.

Premium Connections

We have a close relationship with publishers and advertisers, based on transparency, good results, and trust.


Take advantage of years of biz dev experience in digital advertising, we count on an extensive list of partners, averaging more than 100 won deals per year.

All Enviroments

We work directly with websites, app developers, and CTV/OTT channels across the world. This gives us access to a wide variety of ad products and demands.


We continuously keep abreast with the latest developments in this rapidly evolving industry, offering ongoing support and consulting to aid businesses in adapting to changes and maintaining competitiveness.

Solutions for Publishers & Advertisers

Access a premium and curated network inside the digital advertising industry.


Vimay Group HUB

Vimay Group offers a Marketplace for Publishers to connect with a blend of direct and programmatic demand.

Exclusive Demand.
Maximize Ad Yield.
Brand Safety.
Trusted and Tested Connections.
Exposure to high quality supply partners.
Multiple Integration Options.
Ads.txt compliable.
Fully committed with IAB standards.

Digital Assets

We invest in digital assets to gain a deeper understanding of publishers' needs and wants.

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